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florida pre spawn bass fishing

florida pre spawn bass fishing

There are many types of frogs available. As the water warms above 50 degrees, bass change their primary forage to a high-protein diet. Another condition that is very important to this type of surface action is water temperature. The tighter/thicker the lines, the more dramatic a drop-off. Weedy areas in sloughs serve as prime prespawn bass fishing sites for river bass. It was that good. In Florida, bass spawn between January and March, with the southernmost lakes beginning the earliest. Another pre spawn bass fishing tip is to not over think it. Most fishermen know that Kissimmee grass, reeds, eel grass and pepper grass are good cover for finding fish. Ask these questions face-to-face or by telephone, to learn more about the guide and their personality. Fishing main lake flats this time of year can be really incredible or really bad—there’s … The biggest factor that drives bass to spawn is temperature. In major slow periods the bass will feed for a short time. They can be used over vegetation with a steady retrieve. And that, dear reader, is what makes fishing for bass during spawning season so exciting. Fishing for Largemouth Bass During Spawning Season. The idea is for it to work its way back into the cover where the big bass will be lying in ambush, especially on sunny days. Because many Florida lakes have little or no bottom contour changes, the key to finding fish here often lies in interpreting weedlines and bottom composition. They will move to the same areas after the spawn, too. Some of the other strains that have faired well over the years for me are Kissimmee grass (knotgrass) and emergent grasses. As the lure moves past the rod tip, continue raising the rod as you feed line with your free hand. Reply. Cameras will add another level of fun and learning to your fishing and help you find hotspots that are overlooked by most anglers. I fish Snag Proof frogs, and am currently working with them on the new Ish’s Phat Frog. February 18, 2019 by Capt. On your next trip to the lake, notice what aquatic plants are growing in your area, and fish around those that grow on a hard bottom. Be sure to dip your measuring board into the water allowing it to cool first before laying your fish on it for length measurements. During the pre-spawn in Florida, water temperature will be the first factor in successful fishing. In clear water, you’ll often need light line to attract bass when crankbait fishing. South-facing banks and protected areas will warm up first. Let’s take a look. I also share my rig / setup, some tips and techniques and I talk about Pre Spawn Bass Fishing Patterns! What makes largemouth bass fishing so challenging is the fact that these fish are constantly on the move. To most people, this means light tackle. It also involves using the right set of tools. 5-fish record of 45 pounds, 2 ounces, caught January 17, 2001 in Lake Toho’s Shingle Creek. Both agreed that this was the best fishing they have ever been on. Native Bass Fishing Charters Orlando, Orlando Picture: Bruce with a nice pre spawn Bass fishing in Orlando! “My Trophy Swims in Florida!” It’s official, I was able to register a Lunker Club bass weighing 9 lbs., 4 oz. Then instead of running the hook through the worm, place it through the side of the worm just under the skin. This is a great time to use the flipping technique. Usually the best spawning areas … I give my clients three important tips when fishing live shiners for trophy bass. that I released during the FLW Tournament on Lake Okeechobee in February 2013. Lipless crankbaits cast easily, even into the wind and are very versatile baits. Water levels are typically lower, so fish are concentrated. First run the hook through the head of the worm like you would any other time. Florida Youth Conservation Centers Network, See a full list of our Social Media accounts. When you feel the bite, set the hook with some authority and do your best to take control of the fish to get it out and on top of the grass as quickly as possible. I Fish with a Zoom Plastic Lizard and Zoom Trick Worm, and we catch some VERY NICE BASS!!! The second key is looking for spots where stained water meets clear water. Posted on March 20, 2015 by bulldogrods. The Florida Swim Bait . “Weather really dictates the patterns of fish,” DeMarion reveals. When rigging the lure first add a sinker stopper to your line (this allows the weight to remain against the swim bait at all times) then a small 1⁄32 oz slip sinker (this allows just enough weight to get that extra long cast when needed and helps keep the swim bait upright as you’re cranking it) then your hook. They are just trying to kill your bait or lure to protect their nesting area and their eggs. Look for subtle bays or points in the lake and key on areas where the fish will move to spawn. Lake Okeechobee – Pre-Spawn. Pre-spawn season is upon us, which is one of the most productive fishing times of the year! TrophyCatch is a great program sponsored by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and funded by numerous business partners. So grab your fly rod and seek out one of Florida’s most plentiful and widespread gamefish. The full moon definitely affects bass behavior and catch ability.In my experiences during the spring, the bass become very active from about 5 days prior to the full moon to 2 days after it. One of the best pre spawn bass fishing tips is to find gathering points. Potomac River Pre-Spawn Bass Fishing | Belmont Bay Belmont Bay is a great place to fish as it is at the mouth of Occoquan Creek and just off the main river. Hey there, anglers! God bless. Early prespawn bass fishing gives anglers an excellent opportunity to catch monster bass. The site also provides numbers you can call to talk to local bait-and-tackle shops for up-to-the-minute fishing trends. Florida’s lakes are extremely grassy and Florida’s Bass love it. There are so many fantastic lakes to explore in this part of the state. So you think “it sure would be nice to go fishing and get away from all my problems for a day.” Or, your children are playing computer games and watching TV too much and you want to get them outdoors and involved in a healthier interest. Pre-Spawn Fishing Tip: How To Use The Speed Worm, A.K.A. This is a great time to get kids hooked on fishing – maybe the best in terms of sheer action and building a foundation of fishing skills. When I helped Bob Williams catch the first Hall of Fame bass inducted into the TrophyCatch program in February 2013, it was on Rodman Reservoir with a big wild shiner. Bass fishing in central Florida is synonymous with big largemouth bass. During the last few years, however, I’ve developed a system of fishing crankbaits combining light line and heavy tackle. Although they certainly work great in the heavy stuff, you really don’t need matted grass or lilly pads—you really don’t need any type of cover at all. These techniques will increase your odds of catching that TrophyCatch-caliber bass. You will see more fish brought to the boat that way. Another great tool for finding these fish is an underwater video camera. This is especially true in bass fishing, with changing patterns and depths related to seasonal migrations. Spanning nearly 300 miles, this river passes through Jacksonville, Palatka, and Volusia. Pitch or flip the heavy weight right on top of the grass. With or without the presence of heavy cover, these canals can be bass magnets and great places to throw a frog. Anglers can be extremely productive fishing this revitalized habitat using shiners, if they know what to look for and follow some simple tips. Bass begin spawning when water temperatures hit the 60-degree mark, though Bassmaster magazine points out that male bass can begin moving into spawning areas when waters are still in the high 50s (see reference 2). Spawning is the strongest of instincts that a fish has. By BCline, November 14, 2017 in Southeast Bass Fishing. With enough practice, you’ll develop a feel for fishing light line on a big 71⁄2-foot flipping stick with a high-speed reel, for example. Pop ended up with the biggest bass a nice 5 lb. June bug and other dark colored soft plastics are usually the ticket in heavy cover in Florida. But did you ever wonder why fish seem to like theses grass varieties far better than other grasses? Spring Pre-spawn & Spawn Bass Fishing Tips By Owen Gartner. Report fish kills, wildlife emergencies, sightings, etc. Folk’s today we do some Pre Spawn Bass Fishing 2019! Fishing with swim baits can be a little tricky but here are a few tips to get you rigged properly. It has become my favorite bait for late spring and early summer. This setup gives me several advantages over the lighter type of rod used by most crankbait fishermen out there. Fishing for early pre-spawn bass, such as in the month of February, can seem difficult to an angler expecting to catch a lot of fish. These fish are often visible to anglers with polarized sunglasses. The spawning period provides one of the year's best opportunities to catch big bass in Florida, particularly for anglers who enjoy sight-fishing for bass in shallow water. Bass spawn begins when waters start warming up. My favorites can be cranked fast and will go two-and-a-half to three-and-a-half feet deep. When it comes to fishing offshore grass, catching bass on lipless crankbaits is the most effective pattern. A depthfinder is almost essential. During the heat of the day, find deeper structure and switch to Texas- or Carolina-rigged plastic worms. Get it headed out of the vegetation and reel fast, ensuring that you maintain tension on the line. I catch bass on frogs 12 months out of the year here in Florida. These are the type areas the bass prefer when it gets cold. The pre-spawn period is a time of change. I prefer a green worm 6 to 7 inches in length. It also requires patience. The first step to becoming a better bass fisherman is … Tag: pre spawn bass fishing Pre-Spawn Bass Fishing. In Florida they often spawn on pad roots. … The first stage is called the pre-spawn stage, when bass move toward shallow flats from their deeper wintering areas. Like a turkey hunter that seeks out where the birds are roosting before the season begins, a good angler should consider putting down his or her rod and reel and take up a notepad or fishing map of the water body. January through April bass will spawn in isolated cover like lily pads, reeds, hydrilla or Kissimmee grass. Pre-Spawn bass fishing on lake Sam Rayburn! Conversely, if the surrounding area shows depths increasing, then potentially you are looking at an offshore hump that can hold suspended fish that may be feeding in current as bait goes by or a schooling area on a reef. It also involves using the right set of tools. Will you teach me to become a better fisherperson? Second, always leave the bail open, so the bass doesn’t feel the line. Grass is the prevailing cover in many Florida lakes and knowing the different grasses and why they grow in certain places will go a long way towards finding fish. Actually I find that hunger accounts for maybe no more than a third of my strikes but that third is a very important part of the bass I catch, especially early in the morning or late in the evening when the bass are feeding. Since you will be manhandling big bass through vegetation, load up with 30-pound big game monofilament; for our application, braided line floats too much. Another thing that could influence bass to feed would be a warming trend after a cold front. They didn’t get big by being easily fooled! I use a heavy-action Vexan, I prefer a 7'4" H to 7'10" XH rod. University of Florida: Water Temps Drive the Spawn, Umpqua Valley Bassmasters: The Behavior and Habits of Largemouth Bass. A great way to target TrophyCatch-sized bass, heavier than eight pounds, or numerous smaller bass in Florida is by casting to isolated cover. by Frank Carbone, in Lake Okeechobee (No Comments) 03 Dec 2014. The matted vegetation on Lake Okeechobee provides ideal largemouth bass habitat for fish preparing to spawn. As a general rule of thumb bass move tighter to cover when there are cold fronts and cooler temperatures. Flipping is intended for pinpoint presentation to visible, thick cover between 10 and 25 feet away. A point that shows fast declining contours is more of a feeding location. Each year after, the same week finds me again fishing, failing and dreaming. Many of his action-packed and highly informative films are available on DVD along with art prints ready for framing from However, if you want to use artificials, remember it is more work and requires more skill, so make sure the guide specializes in using artificial lures. Winter time Bass fishing from December through March is a great time to book a Orlando Bass fishing charter on the Butler Chain of Lakes! Subscribe To The Machine! My mainstays are a Tightlines UV whisker punch'n rig or a Gambler BB Cricket. Navionics supports the FWC TrophyCatch program (, see maps with verified catches). Be prepared, when the big bass slams the bait it is like hitting a brick wall. During the pre-spawn in Florida, water temperature will be the first factor in successful fishing. Spawning activity peaks with water temperatures around 65 degrees, and can continue as waters warm well into the 70s. Watch your line. South-facing banks and protected areas will warm up first. This is one of my favorite ways to catch bass in the summertime. Knowing when largemouth bass spawn is essential for success, but it can be a bit of a guessing game. Pre-spawn bass will almost always migrate to these deeper areas near their spawning grounds as they wait for conditions to become suitable for the spawn. I like a seven-foot four-inch, medium-heavy to heavy action rod with a high speed reel loaded with 50 to 65 lb braided line for frog fishing. For that reason, it’s better to focus on water temp trends than a specific calendar date. Cole did an excellent job catching 10 bass on his own . When Richard Corrigan isn't writing about the outdoors, he's probably outside experiencing them firsthand. By April, shellcrackers and bluegills are on the bed, and when they’re not you find them along canal banks or the outside of vegetation lines in open lakes. Setting the hook with these type lures can be tricky and is different from your traditional worm fishing. Tighten your drag all the way for increased hookset ratios and when you think there’s a strike, reel down until your rod is in hookset position before setting the hook. This is really nothing more than living in the moment and not letting work or home distractions take away from your fishing time. Finding these offshore fish can be tricky. If you know how to interpret a good sonar unit, you will be able to find areas of the bottom that are harder than others. The big largemouth and spotted bass in Florida are most aggressive during the spawn. Another condition that causes bass to feed quite often is weather change, such as a barometric drop, an approaching storm or possibly cloud cover which moved in—all of which affect atmospheric pressure and temperature. Do I need a fishing license? "When you see mostly bucks on the beds and clouds of bass fry, you have to … Targeting fish in deep water hydrilla was a blast for these guys. Otherwise, take note:A true combination of a crankbait and topwater plug, a wake bait is a hard-kicking, noisy, in-your-face sort of lure that truly is one of the most unique lures that has been introduced in a long time. Which means that the fish you’re trying to lure to the line has probably been there and done that. On a cloudy day or around dawn or dusk, you may find the trophy bass cruising a little further from cover. what a great fun time fishing there! First, it’s live bait so once you get it in position let it do the work, don’t reel it or drag it. They can take a little longer to entice. It won’t work all the time; the fish must be in an aggressive mode. Bass in Florida love to bury themselves in and under these grass mats. Each “contour line” indicates a change in one foot depth. Top 5 Baits for the Post-Spawn and Early Summer Many anglers slow down and finesse fish during the post spawn but those that commit to power fishing are often rewarded with giant bass that are bulking back up before going into the summer. A portion of the sale automatically goes to support the Florida Bass Conservation Center. How much experience do you have and where? But if you cast all around the area as you approach, you might catch the bass, or, just as likely, you might frighten it and make it more difficult — or even impossible — to catch. The result is simple—giant bass and lots of them. Now that the season is turning into spring, the water in most lakes and ponds will begin to rise. More water flooded the shoreline then, holding pre-spawn bucketmouths with no fishing pressure but my own. Hot Bass, Hot Spot, Hot Day! A real key to success with the wake bait is finding the right speed. 11 Responses. Springtime is upon us. Going large requires heavy gear. What kind of boat do you have and how many people can it fish comfortably? The next stage is called the spawn, when bass clear a nest on hard bottom and proceed to lay, fertilize and hatch eggs. I prefer a wide-gap 5/0 hook. When my clients and I submit our catch into the FWC’s TrophyCatch program, we always remember to handle the bass lovingly, by putting it in an aerated livewell in between taking pictures. Spawning is the strongest of instincts that a fish has. 5-fish record of 45 pounds, 2 ounces, caught January 17, 2001 in Lake Toho’s Shingle Creek. Casting, boat position and lure selection are all important to getting the bass to strike, but once you’ve got your bait or lure in the water, concentration becomes just as important to your success. You can catch them on most lures, because basically all lures at one time or other will catch feeding fish. Pursuant to section 120.74, Florida Statutes, the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has published its 2019 Agency Regulatory Plan. Power fishing can be very productive, and one very effective lure is the swim bait. If you can only fish 3 days per month, regardless of the season, try scheduling your trips during the full moon. This means a shallow sloping flat. We've been staring most of our fishing charters at 8am. You’ve probably heard that old saying: Big Bait = Big Fish. Fishing for spawning bass can be much more difficult to produce consistent numbers of big bass. Best of all, water temps are warm enough throughout the state for bass to blast anything that resembles food. Once bass are finished spawning, they will stay in the area to feed on bluegills that are then spawning. Doing your research before you go fishing can be a key to success. May 29, 2020. The fish will stage on old lily pad stem beds because the vegetation grows on a sandy bottom. Cranked hard, it will rattle loudly, kick erratically and run barely beneath the surface, pushing out a big bulging wake like a large baitfish swimming right at the top. After several misses and 5 doz. Obviously, bass spawn at different times throughout their range. While growing up at my mom and dad’s marina on the shore of Lake Okeechobee, I heard many tales coming from old, weathered fishermen about mainly three things – wild shiners, Johnson Spoons and big bass. Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Spawn for Trophy Peacock Bass with Local Florida Fishing Captains and Experts with Bass Online Guide Service The type of retrieve most often used with a frog is a steady and fairly fast presentation across floating and matted vegetation.When I chug a frog across surface vegetation however, I use a very slow stop-and-go presentation rather than a fast one. Do you have referrals? In Florida, bass spawn between January and March, with the southernmost lakes beginning the earliest. Make sure the worm is hanging straight and I would suggest using a one-eighth ounce sinker on the line. Lower the rod tip to make the lure swing forward. “60-degree water is the pre-spawn time. This period offers some of the best fishing of the year. Elite Series pro Dean Rojas is one of the best at dissecting early prespawn patterns. The bait will either go through on the initial fall or you will need to lightly shake your rod up and down to feel the bait make its way underneath the grass mat. - Check out Tripadvisor members' 57,474 candid photos and videos. In the springtime in Florida bass fishing patterns are heavily dictated by the weather. Big bass congregate around thinned-out cattail. Lake Guntersville Pre Spawn Time. Seasonal variables like bait availability and water temperature determine where the fish hang out and how you should fish for them, but you’ll rarely go wrong with deer-hair, foam or cork poppers and divers for heart-stopping topwater strikes; or a well-presented streamer/baitfish pattern fished slow and deep. Freshwater; April 28, 2020; 11; Went to my local lake to do some prespawn fishing. Pre-spawn Florida largemouth -- Brett Hite, FLW Pro, winner of The FLW Tour’s 2008 season opener on Lake Toho in March 2008. Fish the wake bait on heavy line (at least 20-pound test) and hold on tight! Fishing success this time of year calls for flexibility and the ability to pattern bass effectively. The key to finding fish is structure and contours. Even though cattails hold fish sometimes, because they often grow in mucky areas, bass will often avoid them. Absolutely! btw, it's a great view from there huh? Pre-Spawn: As spring advances, bass start preparing for the spawning season. Which makes it easier for us to find these fish. One last tip from a pro, use scent when trying to penetrate thick cover — it acts as a lubricant to allow the bait to ease into the cover. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Prev; 1; 2; Next; Page 2 of 2 . There are some beasts swimming in these waters. A slew of information will come up about the lakes, fishing trends and guide services. Three years ago this same spot presented the equivalent of a Florida bass utopia. Give your fishing holes more time than usual if you feel you’ve found a spot capable of producing a giant. So, like I tell people that wander into the shop, “If it swims, I’ll throw a fly at it,” making largemouth a large percentage of my yearly catches. During spawning and pre-spawn seasons I look for submerged logs where big females have been rubbing away the mossy growth. I’ve seen many a largemouth bed on a big tree limb in standing timber over 40 feet of water. Targeting bass during the spawn can offer some of the best fishing of the year especially during the pre- (see video at Fishing success this time of year calls for flexibility and the ability to pattern bass effectively. Give it 3–5 seconds to get the bait in position. 11 Responses. Cruise the shore mapping vegetation, look for structure like downed trees or piers and where water may be flowing in or out of a lake. Here are a few questions to ask your guide: What type of fishing do you specialize in and what will we be doing? Note: Glen Lau, one of America’s most accomplished bass photographers and cinematographers, has produced an extraordinary collection of award-winning films and still photographs of bass in its natural environment. Bass can move quickly from deep water up onto the shallows and attack a bait. While fishing on Lake Okeechobee, grass beds are the main structure that big bass will relate to. Prespawn Fishing: When. In Florida, bass can be caught casting to isolated cover year round, but spring and summer are the best times to catch a trophy because of the spawn. I know that sounds strange, but I don’t always do conventional things; you can fish 10-pound line on gear other than light tackle. Comments 11; Pingbacks 0; Kade Channel says: April 28, 2020 at 6:29 PM. I think this gives the fish a better strike opportunity and you get better hookups. It works great, but you have to have patience. There are two ways to catch Largemouth Bass at this time of year. In addition to improved weather, bass anglers also know that spring brings another treat: the bass spawn. This works very well in areas where weeds are approximately four feet below the surface or in open water. You’ll wish you’d tried it sooner! On the Big “O” fish relate to these grasses year round and a spoon is the next best thing to live bait for catching these giants that have made Lake Okeechobee famous. It is relatively cheap when you consider all you get. There is a large grass flat here which I have marked with the Honeyhole waypoint, there are also catch icons, and the pink pins mark an island. When going to new waters or areas, unless you have local help, you must be able to read the conditions and available cover to determine where fish are holding that day. With this retrieve, I do not trim the frog’s legs, and I still move the lure with the rod, not the reel.

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